Waves Are Like…

(inspired by a quiet early morning stroll along the beach)

Waves come and go, just like the people we encounter now and then.

They either come, stay and become significant parts of our lives. Or they come but go, leaving us with fleeting and/or lasting memories.

Waves are temperamental and at times, unsettling.

Such are our daily struggles and troubles; they come smoothly or savagely. Either way, we’ve got to deal with them. Or shall I say, navigate through them like a surfer riding through the waves.

It would be easier to handle problems if they occur slowly and mildly, giving us enough time to organize our thoughts on how to confront and solve them. But just us the strong waves sometimes rush to shore, so too are some of life’s negativities. They get slammed infront of us, whether we are ready or otherwise.

We might as well accept that long as we live, these waves of uncertainties will undoubtedly find their way back to you and me.

Suffice to say that as long as we breathe, there will be challenges to meet and greet.

Such is the wave of life.

photo credits: the author

‘Of The Sea’

There were four

That became two

‘Of the sea’

Just  you and me.

When the world shook

An arm kept me safe

‘Of the sea’

Did it for me.


Kept apart by miles and years

The flow of blood, fervent

That bridge between prevails

Unbroken, forever unburnt.

My love, respect and awe

Never lost, be in the know

I miss the big bro

Of the sea, so I speak.

The Boy at the Beach

By the sea

I live and breathe

With the waves

I play and seek


Keypads, the tube and minecraft

I need not

The raft, an oar and nature

My furlough, my solace

This corner of the world, I reign

I cruise, fearless and happy

In this home I own.

Judge me not, you see

My life is not less

but beautiful and free!

(Photo credits: dehl)