disguise your torment

for someone else’s joy…

rein in your tears

for someone else’s smile…



you feign bravery

to allay another’s fear…

you laugh out loud

to shield a muffled cry…



abandon your beliefs

for someone’s wish to flourish…

cease to exist

for the other to thrive…



you despair to scream

out loud!

silence is a must

your voice fading in a cloud…



fold your wings

for someone  to fly, high…

step aside,  out of the way

let the other walk out proud…



you’d stop breathing

for a new life to begin…

when you love

you sacrifice…



the way beckons

take the stride

do come forth

leave the hive.


halfway you go

doubt befalls you

keep the footstep

upfront, up ahead.


however it ends

shove any regret

bask in the pride

you’ve refused to hide.

‘Of The Sea’

There were four

That became two

‘Of the sea’

Just  you and me.

When the world shook

An arm kept me safe

‘Of the sea’

Did it for me.


Kept apart by miles and years

The flow of blood, fervent

That bridge between prevails

Unbroken, forever unburnt.

My love, respect and awe

Never lost, be in the know

I miss the big bro

Of the sea, so I speak.