My Photography Journey; Knowing my Subject

I have just read an online article about photographers being generalists or specialists. I am no expert, but there’s nothing wrong with being either.

I say this, because, I think I have started taking photos as a generalist. I photographed almost everything that was mentioned in the tutorials and anything else that I felt was worth it; from the golden and blue hour subjects to moving objects or abandoned buildings.

Being a generalist has taught me a lot.

Until I realised what certainly fascinates me.

Every time I sat still on a corner in a park, in a mall, or in a restaurant, my attention was drawn to how humans interacted with one another and with their surroundings. I was usually at a distance and could not hear anything. So, their facial expressions and gesticulations left me guessing. But equally nurtured my interest in capturing this enigma with a camera.

My niche was born. Street Photography. I’ve got a lot to learn about this category, but will this make me a specialist in the long run?

It is surely where my heightened interest lie. For now.

We shall wait and see.