disguise your torment

for someone else’s joy…

rein in your tears

for someone else’s smile…



you feign bravery

to allay another’s fear…

you laugh out loud

to shield a muffled cry…



abandon your beliefs

for someone’s wish to flourish…

cease to exist

for the other to thrive…



you despair to scream

out loud!

silence is a must

your voice fading in a cloud…



fold your wings

for someone  to fly, high…

step aside,  out of the way

let the other walk out proud…



you’d stop breathing

for a new life to begin…

when you love

you sacrifice…

Two Sides


do not believe what you hear

you are oblivious

to how things are

one side, that’s all you’ve got.


yet you say those words

you deem right and kind

you mean well, of course

but senseless to a betrayed.


aim to understand

before you make a stand

what you do now

is intrusion, no doubt


Back off,

demand for truth

listen, speak-up

exactly with facts.