The Path…

poem by dehl. inspired by the hesitation to follow a dream.

We all have the desire to achieve. In order to fufill that, we ought to do something. Sitting and waiting will definitely not help. Act now or never. Have the courage to make the first move and take that all-important first step…


Do not rush. Rather, take one step at a time. Achieving a goal, a mission or a dream requires patience, because the path leading to it will undoubtedly present itself with obstacles. Pessimistic? Maybe, but you and I have lived long enough to realize that there has never been a straight and easy way to getting what we want.

Living life itself is not straightforward. Everyday, we contend with personal and worldly hurdles to be able to enjoy a smooth-sailing existence. Just like in the pursuit of that which we want to achieve, be aware that there are hindrances along the way.

Though difficult, keep walking…

Acknowledge that the journey is not perfect, thus become less fearful to proceed.


It takes a lot of effort to work towards what we aim to accomplish. It can result to physical and mental exhaustion. So, we have to renew the depleted strength to be able to carry on. Keep hoping that the result we are aiming for will be less elusive as we trudge along.

Don’t give up. The path we decided to step onto will eventually lead to the end which we so desire.


Each stride we make comes with valuable lessons. Do learn from them. Remember them. They will come in handy when we decide to start treading a new path to a new destination.

Now, set a goal, dream. Choose a path. Read the above all over again.

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