A Photography Journey: I Got Blocked!


Certainly, social media has made it possible for professional and amateur photographers to connect with one another.

I am one of those amateur photographers who is fascinated by sharing and browsing through the work of others.

I have recently joined an online photography community but got blocked without warning after posting just a few photos of my own. It was such a disappointment. It has always taken me awhile to join a group that I like,  that is why I did find it harsh that I was dropped instantaneously. Just like that.  What have I done wrong? I had to find out.

Okay, I haven’t followed the community guidelines. Fair enough. In my excitement about finally finding this community, I have failed to read and follow its rules and regulations before posting my snapshots.

Rules are rules. I get it. But, maybe a reminder first before blocking?  Other administrators do that. I have seen their comments on those who have failed to comply and the member/photographer simply edited the post. For the stubborn ones, then yes, block by all means.

It has been weeks since, but as of this writing, I am still blocked by the said online community. So, even if I want to, there’s no way for me to rectify my mistake.

Though I must admit, being blocked taught me these lessons:  what  ‘street photography” is all about and to read the guidelines before joining.

Have you ever been blocked? Just like that? Thoughts?

Here’s more of  my photography journey: Finding My Place



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