Depression and Anxiety: The Onlookers’ Stories

What about the society that we live in, the workplace, the neighborhood?  Are their views equally important? I write this to help raise mental health awareness. That’s all.

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It is not easy to write this as it brings back heart-wrenching memories. But it will definitely remind us to be grateful for each new day we wake up to.

It was just after the morning rush-hour that fateful day. A teenager attempted to end his life by jumping off a bridge. He is alive but sustained life-threatening injuries.

The whole community was in shock and in disbelief. A lot of people sincerely empathized with how the parents must have felt. Likewise, here is what others had to say:

“I cannot imagine how the parents are feeling right now. I wish the rumours will stop because the focus at this time is for the child to get better”.

“Their posts on social media depict a happy family. But I guess, we really don’t know what is behind a smile”.

“You see, if these things happen, something must have gone amiss with the kind of parenting the child  has”.

“Dating is a part of a teenager’s life. He could have been rejected. I heard about his friends. Maybe peer pressure was too much”.

“The attempt at suicide is real. Acceptance by both parents is the key for the whole family to be able to move on. The child then could get the appropriate help he needs”.

“I am tired of all the gossip. I asked how he is feeling through messenger. I did not probe. He thanked me and said he is doing well”.

“I saw the child’s posts on social media. He thanked everyone. There was no mention of his parents. Does this mean something?”

After several months:

“I met his mother in the mall. She was bubbly and chatty. We just had a normal conversation about day-to-day family life.I can barely put a word in. I didn’t mind. It was such a joy to see that she seem to be moving on”.

Today, the child has long recovered from his injuries and is active in school. His genuine smile is back.

Someone has asked this nagging question. “What if he lost his life?”

One can shudder at the thought. Many are just immensely thankful that he hasn’t. Everyone is hopeful that it won’t happen again to him or to anyone.

Other stories soon to follow. Please read The Gamer’s Story.

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