A Journey Through Photography

Definitely, an ongoing exciting journey.

My interest in photography has developed over time. It took a while before my photo collections came to fruition. My snapshots, my edits, my choice and proudly, my own.

Below is one of my photos on Instagram.

I recall a verbal English proficiency exam years ago when I was randomly asked about photography. The question took me by surprise and I realised how little I knew about it. I honestly admitted this to the examiner but I did mention that the camera is the basic tool for taking images embedded with memories for a lifetime. These images can be printed-off, likened to a hard copy of a document, and be filed for future reference. To this day, I firmly stand by those words.



A travel snapshot shared on Google+

My interest in this hobby heightened when I was able to travel more, even halfway around the globe. I could not simply ignore the scenic views and the magnificent panorama that I thought I would never have the chance to see with my own eyes! I needed to document the experience and my camera made that possible.



one of my photo collections on Google+

I won’t deny that I have gone with the trend; whatever camera was commonly used, I was into it. First, the compact cameras. Then, the day came when people sported these bulky bags carrying their DSLR’s. The ’what’? Yup, the digital single-lens reflex camera; which, to me, defied simplicity.I stopped short of owning one if not for a friend who wanted an upgrade and offered his ’DSLR’😩 for an affordable price.

my first DSLR camera(second-hand)

Okay, I was cynical then because to me, when DSLR cameras first came out, they were huge and heavy. It was kind of unsettling because, for someone like me who isn’t tech savvy, they looked complex to use. All I wanted was to take photos with less fuss and fiddle.

Change has definitely come when social media sharing became rampant. I, too, was caught in it. Who wasn’t?

The mobile phone companies smartly embraced this change and the smartphone invasion became unstoppable. Of course, I jumped into the bandwagon and thank heavens I did! I ditched my other cameras, (not totally, still used from time to time) for the more convenient, truly handy and user-friendly mobile phone.

The ease of taking photographs with my smartphone has immensely kindled the hobby and turned it into a passion. Also, with the advent and continued availability of free, easy-to-apply photo editing applications, photography has never been more fun to explore. I, for one, can say that the innovation of the mobile phone camera has made the art of photography more accessible to a lot of enthusiasts like you and me. So, let’s keep it up and click away!

Here’s what inspires me:


Do visit my photos on Instagram

My photo collections on Google+

This journey temporarily stops here. The next stage is yet to come.

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