To blog or not to blog


Reading is wise. Using your spare time to read is wiser.

My daily routine of heading to work has been put on hold for some time now. This has given me the opportunity to re-ignite hobbies of old: reading and writing. I took out unopened pocketbooks from the shelf and unwrapped subscriptions of Reader’s Digest and read them all. To further pass the time, I completed browsing through a pile of travel brochures.

Coincidentally, I have a longing to write about my own culture after realising its slow demise and how much I have taken it for granted. Thankfully, I found an online community, Igorotage,  which interestingly caters to topics about my tribal roots. Perfect! I signed up. My tagline: “I am passionate about keeping the Igorot culture alive”.

To blog:  When I started writing for Igorotage, my ‘creative juices’ kicked off! It paved the way for me to take courage,  reach out to more readers and learn the intricacies of blogging. This site, Opinions Matter,  came to life.

My first attempt to blog about my roots,  Hometown Fortress came to fruition.

The more I blogged, the more I wanted to write about anything and share my points of view. Not only have I discovered that blogging is an avenue to discover what other people think and what their convictions are, but it has likewise widened my writing horizons and choices.

To blog more: I kept my determination to share about my culture, therefore, a separate site, has been created to highlight that goal. I hope that through this, I will be able to relay the significance of not just knowing but also remembering one’s culture and traditions. Hence, passing a priceless heritage to generations still to come.

Please click on Benguet Blogs in Menu to see posts about my hometown culture.

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